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The Piano Pages: Piano Lessons

The fact that you are at this webpage right now tells me that you are interested in teaching yourself how to play the piano. Congratulations on reaching that decision! So many people claim that they would love to know how to play the piano, but so few actually do anything about it.

At The Piano Pages, we offer a completely free and easy-to-follow online piano course. You don't have to wait for any period of time between piano lessons like you would if you went to actual lessons - all of the information you'll need is already online, so you can set your own pace for your piano lessons.

We hope you'll find all of the information you need throughout these pages. However, there are always tons of questions when you're learning something new (especially when you're teaching yourself!), so please e-mail us ANYTIME. We'd be glad to answer your questions, give you more information, grade your progress, or talk about anything you want to talk about. :)

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The Lessons

Lesson One: Introduction to your Piano

Lesson Two: More Keys

Lesson Three: The Grand Staff and Fingering

Lesson Four: Notes, Measures, and Time Signature

Lesson Five: Introduction to Note-Reading

Lesson Six: 7 New Notes

Lesson Seven: A Few Musical Symbols and Terms

Lesson Eight: Sharps and Flats

Lesson Nine: Some New Notes

Lesson Ten: More New Notes

Lesson Eleven: More Musical Terms and Symbols

Lesson Twelve: More Musical Terms and Symbols

Lesson Thirteen: More Musical Terms and Symbols

Lesson Fourteen: New Notes, Chords, and Time Signatures

Lesson Fifteen: More New Notes and Chords

Lesson Sixteen: A Last Word!

Bonus: Fast Piano Tips